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Looking to trade

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Posted about 7 years ago


I've been collecting U.S. Law Enforcement patches for more than 30 years, but I've been mostly inactive for the last few years.  I'm interested in getting back into a little trading. I'll trade for most any U.S. Law Enforcement agency, 1 for 1, new for new, used for used, etc. 

Drop me an email in you're interested.  PLEASE, contact me by regular email ("> ) instead of through Police Link .... I've found that I rarely come back here to check my inbox.

See more about my collecting at

My trade list - what there is of it - is also online at  Feel free to see what I have available.





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Rate This | Posted about 7 years ago


I'm interested in trading with you, I have my dept (peoria AZ) as well as a large tradelist, if you have a tradelist send it back