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looking for Idaho

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Posted about 7 years ago


I slacked off for the past 3-5 months on collecting but am getting back into full swing. I am still actively seeking over 240 various Idaho patches to complete my display of Idaho patches. The majority are older stock patches that often get mislabeled and misplaced. However, I'm also looking for some of the current patches too from agencies.

Feel free to look at my website: which will have my Idaho collection uploaded to the site. I will be updating the site within the next couple of weeks. If the patch is not shown on the website than I am looking for it. I did find my number 1 most wanted patch - Payette County Sheriff's Mounted Posse. Therefore my new #1 is the New Plymouth Police patch with the plain blue and white seal. I have seen this patch twice now even once on ebay. I did bid on the ebay one but the seller pulled the auction within 24 hours claiming she had "lost" the patch.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!