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exploercopstl19 says ...

Goodness, even when I thought this thread was over, it's still going strong.

I had considered the Air Force to fly F-16 and 22's, but ROTC is needed and my grades are not good enough. And like I said, I would like to serve a little time so I can still join a department when I want to. Never considered the Navy, always a Marine.

Now, I saw tjilgpld02 say the Army is going to be taking over all MP things. That sucks. I got my paperwork done for MP, I just need to swear in now.

Psd Team Leader, I would accept garrison work, but I would like to be a field MP. I keep thinking infantry, but also MP just sounds so much cooler. That and I got my paperwork done for that. I guess I am still deciding, but MP is probably what will happen. I have been told nowadays MP's are doing lots of field duty like PSD said.

Also, I would like to be deployed. I know that it will happen more than likely.

I want to be a Marine, but I also want to be an MP. Which do you think is better in the case of training and deployment, Army or USMC? I would not like to join the Army, but would like to know how it is. I know the Marines are trained with the Army MPs at Fort Lenard Wood. Being a Marine is off top priority though.


I'm a marine field MP and right now most of the base is patrolled my civilians and most mp's are being sent to field units and a field mp is almost the same as an infantry marine we train just as much and do a lot of the same training in fact im currently attached to an infantry unit about to deploy but if you work hard in PMO you could get on the SRT team which is our version of SWAT