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Posted about 7 years ago


OK, what I'm looking for here are ideas that C/O'c from small deapartments with CERT teams do to keep the teams active and training up to date. Budget restraints play a huge role in training, so for those active teams, do some departments allow their team members volunteer their time if they choose?


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We were told we could not volunteer our time anymore.  They stated due to liability.  Oddly enough we could volunteer time in moving to a new bldg, which we were more likely to injury ourselves.  It didn't make sense to most of us but we are not in charge of command decisions like that.  What we did is modify our contract so not incur OT.  We do 4 hrs of training a month.  Not much but better than nothing.  We work 39 hrs a week and the missing 4 hrs is done in our training. 

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