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Well, looks like Military LEO is where I'll be going (Hopefully)

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Posted about 7 years ago


Well, Army wise, Option 40, Option 4, etc. etc. No goes.

I have a 3P in vision. Which is waiverable to a 2P (even if I did a fresh physical at MEPS)

Infantry, Tanks, Artillery, I can't have. Marine Corps, they said I could at first, until they got my physical, same ordeal.


Can't get Medic, Corpsman, etc.


My occupational options:

Army wise:

Military Police

Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

Artillery Fire Directions Specialist

Motor Transport Operator

Automated Logistics Specialist

Unit Supply Speicalist

Food Service Specialist


Marine Corps:

Military Police/Logistics/Utilities (fields) with possiblity of getting a single occupation garunteed, but with no fingers crossed

Law Enforcement/Motor Transportation/Communications



Master at Arms


Machinist Mate, including AUX/NUKE/WEAP

Torpedoes Mate

Culinary Specialist

Logistic Support


Air Force:

well, can't be garunteed a single thing, I would only be able to sign up for "Open Enlistment" and after BMT, they put me in whatever job the Air Force needs


Coast Guard:


Maritime Enforcement Specialist

Damage Controlman

Culinary Specialist

Marine Science Technician

Operations Specialist


Since I've been hoping to be one of the "Boots on The Ground" the LEO side fo things seem to be the most direct.


That said, on the same note, for a Christmas present from pretty much my entire family, I have $7,500 for a local community college after I finish a program I'm currently in.


So my question is, (I have to take the college anyways, because it's already been spent, can't get the money back) after finishing up 3-4 college quarters (possibly 5 or 6, essentially until the money is used up completely) should I hold off on Enlisting for a while, finish an Associates? Or Enlist straight up into Military LEO?

Or hold off until finishing a Bachelors, and go Commission?

I plan on working towards a degree in either Electrical, Aerospace, or Electronic Engineering, with a minor in Criminal Justice. (or a double major, Aerospace and Electrical or Electronic, with a minor in Criminal Justice. It'd make 4 years become 5, but since I may have to wait on the military anyway...)


I was wondering if I could get some input regarding this. If you were in my shoes, personally, what would you do? What do you think I should do?



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It all depends on what you want or plan to try and do as a Military Police Officer, A lot fo people have misconceptions that MP's do just Law Enforcement. That is not the case. MP's are combat and garrison police. Not only do they enforce UCMJ, state and federal codes....they also deploy just like a normal soldier and get into combat situations. I was deployed twice as an active duty MP out of FT Bragg and I did the normal LEO stuff but I also did the combat MP mission. You have to decide if all you want to do is the LEO thing.


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Not to mention that they were phasing out the L&O portion of army MP duties and giving them to DA Police.  At least that was the rumor prior to my ETS.


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I worked at a prison in Iraq as an MP on my deployment...and no I wasn't one of those select few who took pictures of the naked detainees! haha I get asked that all the time!  Yeah you could go as combat support doing patrols, prison, con-air missions, or whatever the hell they want you to do!


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Most branchs are turning over garrison LEO work to CIVPOL who work thru the base

 Due to the sheer number of missions which the Mp's are now tasked with  Battlefield circulation, convoy security, POW camps/transport, training HCN  (Host country nationals)  etc. etc..

Me personally I direct people to the Corp .... Umm not sure why ......:) :) 

As everyone else has stated you need to look at your future goals,  a 4 year hitch and an honorable discharge will give you a leg up plus the benefits of more money for college.

Good luck


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I have been on the enlisted and commissioned sides of the fence in the military. As an enlisted MP,  I did the law enforcement role, patrol, reports, some investigations, some security work. As a commissioned officer, you will do none of this. Commissioned officers in the MP world are adminiistrators. They don't patrol, write reports, or do investigations. They sign the paperwork that the enlisted guys do. Period. So if you want to do any police work at all in the MPs, do the enlistment. Having said all this, be aware that even the enlisted soldiers do very little real police patrol type duties. They are oriented toward field work, convoy escorts and security, checkpoints, building and compound security etc. But it's a good place to get a start if you want a career in civilian law enforcement. Take it from a guy who has been in the MPs and in civilian law enforcement, military police work does not come close to what you will experience in the civilian world.