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Hello, my name is William as you may have guessed from my username. I am 19 years old. I will be going into the Army shortly, as an Military Police officer, just have to get my physical which I am certain I will pass. While in training I will be getting my Bachelors in Criminal Justice from a highly accredited collage called Colorado Tech University. Also, I will be trying to learn a minimum of 3 different languages, and apply to go through Ranger school eventually.

I was wondering, would any of this set me apart from joining the Police Force? And what other positions can I obtain, since I know I can't get Patrol officer until I'm 21 which, by then, I'll be trying to become an 2nd Lieutenant Officer in the Army.


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Here in the mid-Atlantic (MD), being fluent in Spanish is a big demand for knowledge/skills. Look at what requirements are posted for various agencies, as well as crime data - what offenses occur in areas and how much / often. If possible, try to amass training, experience, and knowledge in "hot" areas to help set you apart from other candidates. Make use of Uncle Sam's Scholarship, bro. It's like investing your money: DIVERSIFY.