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Posted about 9 years ago


hello my name is zachary christensen i curently reside in santa rosa county florida. i am 20 years old and have been thinking of joining the LEO family for about 5 years now i have done the explorer post as well as the cadet program in high school and i have really taken time to make this choice but right now im just trying to find a point to get started. i would like some advise to get started.


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Talk to some LE depts in your area, usually they will have someone who can answer all your questions. Also allot of the larger depts have info on their web sites to help start you down this path. If it a smaller dept you are looking at, talking to an officer on the street (*When he or she is not busy or trying to wolf down lunch or supper between calls*) and they might fill you in on how and where to start. Hope this helped.