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Posted about 7 years ago


 On January 12, 2010 our family has the unfortunate experience of facing another parole hearing for inmate Larry Bittick. On January 14, 1998 at 10:54 AM Larry while driving approximately 80 mph and 3 times the legal limit killed my husband Officer Thomas R. Meyers with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. We feel it is extremely necessary that we work hard to get the support of the community with this being a 12 year hearing. Missouri Department of Corrections Division of Probation & Parole has agreed to accept our website of names as an acceptable petition. There is additional info/links on the website concerning Officer Tom Meyers and the inmate, if after reading you feel that you can support the Meyers Family we would be enormously grateful. Please forward this email to family, friends and Tom’s Law Enforcement brothers and sisters. State of Missouri accepts signatures from out of state and out of country.


THANK YOU for your time.

Trudy Meyers



January 16, 2003

I was the Correction Officer that was standing at Bittick's parole hearing. I wanted to let you know that I was truly touched by you & your families impact statement. I've sat in on many hearings and never felt so much hurt from a victims family and the pain your family has been through, this I will never forget! It's such a tragedy to deal with the loss of a loved one, but to relive the loss of your husband and your children's father by having to endure facing your husbands killer, seeing him sitting there with an emotionless face, asking yourselves how could he possibly show no remorse and why, how, there is no answer........... 

After hearing your letters and newspaper clippings I felt that I knew Thomas Meyers and I could feel your loss. The Parole Board was also touched, Your families love and commitment to ensure Bittick stays in prison where he belongs will pay off. I have never seen the Board respond like the way they did. Its terrible to think that you and your family will have to return and face him again in five years. Your family suffers the loss of Tom all over again and the healing never ends. Just remember this, Tom is looking down on all of you, giving you the strength to keep going. I'm sure he is proud of all the hard work you all have done to help families like yourselves. So everyone must stay strong, because your family has taken over where he left off "helping others". 


January 9, 2008

I'm one of the officers that was at the parole hearing today.  Even though I never knew Tom, between the different articles of Toms that were read, listening to all of you tell of how your lives have been impacted and furthermore listening to the stories that Don, Paul and Jim were telling of the kind of person and police officer that Tom was both before and after the hearing shows me of how much of a loss this has been for everyone.

Then to listen to Bittick's comments at the beginning of the hearing made me realize how much he needs to stay in prison. He is definately not only a danger to society, as well as himself and he is unremorseful for the crimes he's committed. This mans was arrogance was appalling.

Although I am only one person, I am glad to have been able to show my support for you and your family by being present today. Between the parole hearing for Bittick and the earlier one for the man who had shot Retired Sgt. XXXX.  it was an emotional day for me. I have been in law enforcement for 10 years now and I learned something new today that I will carry with me for the rest of my career and beyond.