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Free CQC Magazine giveaway

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Posted about 9 years ago


12 Year Aniversary! The information about Close Quarter Combat here represents my life work and the direction the last 35 years has taken me. Below you will find the complete hand, stick, knife and gun outline of the entire CQC Group course, plus photos, books and CQC Group Camp scheduling. I believe you will find a college level doctoral course on combat. There is much more info about courses, seminars and camps on other pages. The CQC Group is an accumulation of the four separate, hand, stick, knife and gun programs. You can learn each course individually if you wish. Train for rank or just for knowledge. Makes no difference to me” -

Free “E-Zine” Combat Magazine on hand, stick, knife, gun, military, police, citizen self defense news and training. Copy and paste link for details on how to have it delivered free to your Emailbox. – Hock Hochheim