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Law Enforcement Items for Sale

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Posted about 7 years ago


1) $30.00 or best offer.....WACO/ SAFE Fugitive Task Force McLennan Co. U.S.

Marshal Texas Rangers Waco P.D. Texas DPS VERY RARE

2) $12.00 or best offer....Texas Department of Public Safety Driver License

(look like door seal) $12.00

3)$12.00 or best offer...State Police N.Mex. (Jacket Size)

4)$15.00 or best offer...Youth Academy New Mexico State Police Kiwanis Club

5)$8.00 or best offer...Department of Public Safety Motor Transportation

Division NM Police

6)$8.00 of best offer...Department of Public Safety Police Motor Transportation


7) $15.00 or best offer...Criminal Investigation Bureau Department of Public

Safety Detective Special Investigations Unit Arizona $15.00

8) $15.00 or best offer...California DOJ (Department of Justice) Police

Backpatch $15.00

9) $15.00 or best offer...California Department of Justice (OD Subdued) with


10) $5.00 or best offer...Indiana State Police USED $5.00

11) $5.00 or best offer....Virginia State Police

12) $8.00 or best offer...(Virginia) Department of Juvenile Justice

13) $5.00 or best offer...Arizona Department of Public Safety (one issue back

s/s USED)

14) $10.00 or best offer...Radio Operator State of Georgia Department of Public


15) $5.00 or best offer...Maryland State Police

16) $5.00 or best offer...Missouri State Highway Patrol

17) $20.00 or best offer...Trooper Nebaska State Patrol SWAT (OD Sudued


18) $145.00 or best offer.....San Antonio Police Department officers badge,

early three digit number, Sammangs made, but as common, no hallmark. Nickel,

excellent condition with wear.

19) $95.00 or best offer....... Portland P.D. Police,very large circle star,

early horizontal pin, not hallmarked, but made by Edwin Hodson of Portland,

restamped Veterans Patrol and reissued to Commissioned Auxillary Police Units.

Old nickel,very good condition with lots of wear.

20) $55.00 or best offer....... Houston Police officers badge with LaMarque

panel over Houston ,made by Nelson-Silvia. As common, no hallmark. Nickel with

lots of wear.

21) $5 or best offer....... .U.S.A.F. Security Police/Security Forces Large

badge decal for window or bumper.

22) $85.00 or best offer.....Very old, generic six point star ,Special Police

title posse badge, old wire pin, nickel with wear and hallmarked, good


23) $75.00 or best offer....... .Cleveland , Ohio Police officers shield, older

issue, nickel, excellent patina, no hallmark.

24) $125.00 or best offer....... Houston Police Lieutentant badge, eagle top

gold shield, and hallmarked E.Ross,USA. Excellent plus condition.

25) $155.00 or best offer......Bernalil lo Co. Sheriff's Dept. Detective Sgt.

(Rare Rank), Gold 5 point star ball tip star with blue rimmed plain New Mexico

Seal, No Hallmark as Tyical, from the 1960s with honest wear.

26) $110.00 or best offer....... Socorro Police, Patrolman, # 224, Silver Eagle

topped shield with reverse enamel panels and full color Texas seal, Hallmarked
Blackinton B1751.

27) $80.00 or best offer......Anderson AFB Police, Police Oficer, # 7215, 2000

New Millennium, Silver Two Tone Custom LAPD Ovel, Hallmarked Suarez Bros Guam

28) $40.00 or best offer......Departme nt of Corrections, Officer, # R-709,

Silver eagle top shield with blue rimmed New Jersey plain seal, No Hallmark as

typical with honest wear.

29) $25.00 for best offer......Deputy Sheriff Osceola County, Lieutenant, 1.5 in

Gold 5 point Florida design sheriff star, hallmarked Blackinton.

30) $20.00 or best offer....... US Indian Service with Image of Federal Eagle

Brass Button, Waterbury Co's Inc. Conn. (Nice Patina)

31) $22.00 or best offer....Challenge Coin Front: United State of America
Federal Air Marshal Back: When Pigs Fly 9-11-01 Image of a Sig Handgun and

Numbered 001271

32) $22.00 or best offer.....Houston S.W.A.T. Est. 1974 Police Back: "If Not Us

Then Who..."

33) $15 or best offer....Beret Flash Special Forces New Orleans Police, 4 Prong

Back, Full Color Enamel.

TERMS: Money Order or Paypal

Domestic Postage Paid with Confirmation on badges.

Scans avalible on request.

Thanks and look foward to hearing from you!!!

Adam Gonzales



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Rate This | Posted about 7 years ago


 Could you plz email me scans of the following badges you had listed:  #24 (Houston PD/LT w/ eagle), #25 (NM Sheriff/DET SGT/ 5ptGold w/ balls), #28 corrections ofcr, #29 (FLA, 1.5" Blackington, 5PT star), and #30 (Indian SVCS).





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Rate This | Posted about 6 years ago


Do you still have the generic #22 badge?  you can reply to my email at   thanks