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Looking for Badges

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Posted over 7 years ago


Hey folks,

     I am a retired LEO from SC and have been lucky enough to come up with a number of issue badges as well as some Gode repro's which are IMHO as nice as the real ones in many cases. I am not big into this badge collecting as being retired funds are not that great. I DO have a issue badge from Orange County, Fl. (Orlando), in both Sgt and Capt. that I am willing to trade for a real badge preferably from SC. Understand I will trade ONLY with another real deal LEO and I require PROOF of such. I will send a photo of my ID and require you send me one before I complete any deal.

     I also have a vast collection of shoulder patches that I trade so if you do that, contact me.




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Sent you a message.....



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Hello from Spain, this is my breast badge. If you like we can swap: