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MHP Trooper Vern Wise EOW 11-14-09

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Received word this morning that one of Montana's Finest, MHP Trooper Vern Wise passed away.  Please pray for his wife and children that God will comfort them in their time of loss.  Montana was a safer and better place becasue of this wonderful man.  Rest, Trooper, your brothers and sisters now have your watch.  You have fought the good fight.

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My hearts and prayers are with the Montana Highway Patrol.  Every officer lost breaks my heart, but the MHP has suffered such great losses in such a short time that my grief for them deepens greatly with each one.  Trooper Wise, I know that you were welcomed at Heaven's gates by those who have gone before you.  Your brothers and your friends I'm certain greeted you with warm smiles and open arms.  May you always patrol the streets of Heaven together on angel wings.  Rest in peace, sir.  Thank you for your service to the State of Montana and her citizens.  You will not forgotten.  The family, friends, the citizens of Montana, and the MHP will be in my prayers.  God bless.