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Holiday Shopping

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With the holidays just around the corner I was thinking that we could all help each other out. We all have the same age old question, "What do you get the person that has everything?" So I was thinking that if we see something that would be that great gift for the person that has eerything we could post it here and help each other out. So if you know of or see something that you would love to have or know people that would love to have it post it.

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If they drink, you can buy them wine, scotch, wiskey, rum or whatever they like, you can buy an unusual or diferent type.  If they don't drink alcohol, you can go with some sort of gormet coffee or tea.  If none of that is approprate, some sort of gormet cheese or meat might work, after all pretty mych everybody eats.  If nothing else, go the Harry and David's website and giet a gift fruit of the month  baskets, this will work even for a non-drinking vegetarian.