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Colleges with Corrections Programs

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Posted over 7 years ago


I was curious if anyone could help me out with my search for a school with a good corrections program. My plan is to become a correctional officer in a federal prison as soon as I earn my Bachelor's degree. Currently I am attending Illinois Central College and plan to have my associate's degree in Criminal Justice by May 2010.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

Thank you!



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Hey MJ,

Have you spoken to a recruiter at the Federal level of corrections? I work at the State level & we send out recruiters to job fairs all the time. If you have a particular facility in mind, find out if they have a website over federal corrections in general & go from there. A friend of mine transfered up from our state prison to a federal institution in Arizona & loves his job but, he says its very intense! Be ready for a long testing & recruiting process & good luck. If i get the chance to talk to him soon, I'll drop the link to this forum post to see if he can help you further.

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Rate This | Posted over 7 years ago is where you apply with the BOP. I am currently applying with them. You do not need a degree but get your degree because if you decide you don't want to be in this field it will help you out plus it will make you more marketable.

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