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Took my poly last Wed.

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Hi all! I took my poly last Wednesday for a communications operator position for the local pd.  I have a few questions.  I was completely honest and very upfront with the few things that I have done that were of poor choice.  Though I am confident that I passed the poly (I did not lie) and the lady asked me 6 questions while hooked up to the machine twice (standard procedure she said).  She stated when I was done that she did not see any problems and that she would get the results to dept by the end of the week.  Would she have stopped me if she did see a problem?  My biggest concern however is what I admitted to on my polygraph.  1. I collect unemployment legitamity, however I also babysit on the side and 2. A year ago I "stole" a item.  I say "stole" because what happend was that I purchased the item, it became defective and I tried to return it but it was passed the alloted 90 days so the store wouldnt take it back so I purchased another one and returned the old one with the new rec't.  Will either of these keep me from getting hired? Also, could I legally be in trouble for doing either of these?  I live in CA if that helps.  Otherwise have a clean record, not even a ticket. Tried marajuan 10 years ago once, and no alcohol usage.  I have no other things that stand out on my history.  I was told that I am one of the top choices for the position as well.  Thanks so much for your opinion.  Once I get the word that I passed my poly, I would move onto the BI.