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In reflection of my 8 years with the Uncle I recall clearly that my EOD was and forever shall be 9/10/2001. Prior to this date I served my local community as a Deputy Sheriff, Tactical Officer and a stint in the Marine Unit; all the while I was blissful and happy to be employed. The next day of my tenure in federal service started in a cramped room where we discussed the threat posed by a benign character named Osama Bin Laden and what he may do next; no one expected what was to come.
I recall with great clarity the minutes, hours and days that followed: increased RAMS, RVI’s, bag checks and more. Everyone cooperated for a few weeks but soon tired of the hassles of living in one of the most secure communities in CONUS but we relented.
I remember cookies, cans of coke and well meaning wished extolled upon us for the first few weeks and I remember the curses, disdain and contempt that followed a week later.
My Son’s Godfather was at the Pentagon in less than a minute and stayed despite good judgments; thus he is my 1st Sons God Father, someone to be proud of and someone I hope my son will aspire to emulate.
God Bless the USA!