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To my fellow Jeff Dunham fans:
I come to you for two reasons. Firs of all, I am leaving Police Link and didn’t want to just slide away without first taking the time to thank you for the opportunity of being part of your group here.
My secondary reason is to ask you for a favor. I am posting this message because the task of attempting to contact each and every individual member of this group is simply too daunting a task.
I am leaving PL to free up time I desperately need, in order to get back to work writing books, reopening my own website,, teaching LEOs and prodding our nation’s lawmakers to finally do something about the dual dangers of gangs and dope.
I’ve really enjoyed my tour of duty here and have literally acquired many new friends in each of our 50 states, as well as in several other nations. This journey has reinforced my long standing belief that cops are cops no matter where one finds them.
Just as I learned when I was still a DA, LEOs continue to willingly place yourselves in harm’s way, even if you’re not always appreciated by the folks whose lives and property you are paid to protect.
As I also learned when I was still a DA, cops and prosecutors cannot do our jobs, without the unflinching support of the general public. Without that backing, we lack the voices and the other tools we need to do our jobs.
For those of you who have enjoyed me hanging around here as much as I have enjoyed being here, my E-mail address is Please keep in mind that when I have closed my PL account, the only way I will have to stay in touch with you is if I also have your E-mail address.
So, if you wish to continue the relationship we began here, please send an E-mail to my above-noted E-mail address. When you do so, if you would also take the time to include your name and your PL handle, I can add you to my own address book, in order to both stay in touch and let you know when my own website is open again.
Thanks for your friendship and for taking the time to read this. ‘Til we speak again, be well and stay safe.
Marty Brhel

Go Where There is No Path...and Leave a Trail.

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I will follow you there. It not going to be that easy to get rid of me.... LOL>>>