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Civilian Cops vs. Real Cops?

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I just recently took a course in Ethics within the Criminal Justice System. There it was reiterated that the Police are the most viable agents of the justice system today. As we see police officers maintain order within our society, we also see those who are routinely held to a higher standard than those they serve in the community. Officers are expected to not only posses and lead communities with wisdom, integrity, temperance, compassion, courage, honesty and restraint.
If it were not for the leadership of our officers, we would be a society with no order, right. Moreover, without order in our society we could not possess the many freedoms we still have today.  Also, with the police being given a huge amount of discretion and the current officers knowing how to use this discretion--I question…
How in the world will the mass bodies of civilian police being invoked on America change the way you do your job? Also, how in God's name will the integrity, honesty, will to be honest at all costs be found within these mass groups their pulling and "accepting" from the streets…then calling them cops. 
Although they may not have the same powers you do today…Would you agree that it takes (1) incident, (1) tragedy here in the U.S. and these mere citizens will be given the same authority as an officer of the law? Does this bother you--? It does me…I do not see how corruption will not become rampant with these civilian officers…
Any thoughts please...
M- Santos