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Greeting LEO'S I just recently passed my written test for the CHP, and I am scheduled to take the physical test this Saturday. I will keep other officers posted on how I do alone the way. Aside from all that I didn't come on here to talk about only passing the test since that is merely only a small step in a long journey I must take in order to me an actual CHP officer. I am here to ask for help, words of wisdom that will help me get through the process and get into an academy. I am worried about the psychological as well as the stress analysis test. I think i should do fairly well on the oral interview at least I am hopeing for the best. Anyways the reason I am affraid of the psychological/ stress analysis test is because I've read and heard of people failing those sections and those people were fairly decent people. So, I am guessing the ask weird questions that are out of the blue that will get you trapped? Or how are those questions on both those tests? Help plz.



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First congrats on passing the written test.

Second, dont freak out on the oral or the psych test. For my psych test the Doc use to work with my uncle and for 30 minutes or so we just talked about that. Just normal converstation. Although I'm sure thats all part of the test. They ask normal questions. You will get some "weird" questions, personal questions that you must answer. Weirdest question I had (thats on the packet) was if you ever had sex with animals.

The reason people may fail the Psych test is because they are overly concerned and hestitate with answers and dont appear confident. Remember they want people who are cool headed and can make decisions under stress. The psych tests isnt anything special. Just that, to put it in lamens terms to see if you are nuts and can, or can't perform the job.

As far as the oral, study up on what your agency does as far as support (not just HP) and some of its policies. Try to get a ride along in as well. That ALWAYS helps. No one better to ask questions too than someone who is out there working the job. I can give only some advice only becasue laws and policies differ between AZ, and CA. I can answer general questions though.

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