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I am in the process of applying for a promotion. This is the first time the department is conducting an Assessment Center type of interviews. Does anyone  have any tips or ideas on what to expect. This is a department in the North Texas area. 


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Assessment Center interviews are like the old In-Basket tests.  They give you a simple, well almost simple task like a schedule problem.   Example would be like,  you have eight officers.  Make a schedule and cover a weeks period and officers must cover 24 hours per day for one week.  Make a schedule.  

Dicipline an officer using the policy and procedures for your department.  Then they will give you an example of what the officer did wrong.  You must apply the punishment.  There are many examples of issues and topic these types of assessments can cover.  Usually they take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to complete.  They are not to bad, but they can make you think. 

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