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How Prepared is California?

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Posted over 7 years ago


With the court ordered release of forty three thousand inmates from California's penal institutions forthcoming, what prepartations are being made by the governing body?   Realistically, it is not a cost saving measure.  Is California hiring additional Parole Officers?  You can't just decide to release inmates early without some preparation.  It's a dangerous precedent.  The early release of inmates as an alternative to incarceration should include some oversight to ensure that these recently released, unemployed, ex-inmates don't reoffend.  It sounds like a bad idea. 


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Seriously it depends on who and how the state has set up it's release criteria.  Child support evaders and those who have refused to pay pariking tickets are a far cry from murderers, rapists, and child molesters. 

Let's review all the facts before passing judgement. 

I don't know the particulars.  I am on the opposite coast and we are fixin' to release 124 violent offenders with 30+ years of time served on life sentences. Which, according to the old law is 80 years, but, by practice has been worked down by good time.   The legislature fixed the loophole for incoming inmates in the 90's, but for those already sentenced they fell under the old law.  That is if our courts follow the laws as the were written in the 1980's.


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How do you think we feel? My general area is going to get 500+ parolees. I don't know how many will specifically move back into my city. CDCR did hire more agents, but they also still have furloughs ongoing.

Sacramento is trying to distort the facts, somehow they think releasing all these parolees will magically make the crime and recidivism rate drop. Oh, and the best news is that alot of these artards are going to be on "search only" parole. Meaning we can still invoke parole searches, but we can't violate them. We can only hook them up on fresh charges.

Crazy thought...maybe build some new prisons? Might stimulate the economy a little bit, I don't know. Construction workers, materials, Correction's Officers and associated staff....but what do I know. No, lets save money by letting convicted criminals go free. Awesome.