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Security Companies Providing Firearms

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 I am looking to work a part time Security job while I'm going to school and I would prefer to be armed since it pays better than unarmed and I have the permit.  The problem I'm having is that every security company that I apply to requires that their officers use their own personal guns.  I really don't have the financial means to purchase a gun at this time.  Does anyone know of a security company that provides firearms for their armed positions?  I am in California, LA area


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JD, if you truly prefer armed security work and don't have the means, start off unarmed, maybe you could land some nice "cushy" assignment for awhile like midnights in a warehouse, or an alarm dispatcher, buld up your funds and then get yourself a decent used pist9ol. Make sure before you spend any money that it would be appropriate for security work (as in you can find an appropriate holster, etc).

The other thought to consider is that generally speaking armed security posts are also "riskier" and is that something you wanna do?

Luck to ya...

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if you have friends that have firearms as long as you have a written letter from them to have use of it, you can use theirs.   if not, go for the unarmed side until you can get your own.  

some of the federal companies require you to use their weapon of choice. 

take some other courses at the local collages like 832 and narc classes.   some of those classes may boost you in knowledge (not take place of the firearm) but make help n the experiance area....  dont rush to it,  it is a big risk, and if you get it, make sure that if it come down to using it, you will.   you cannot hesitate.....  be ready, be trainined, get extra classes, be up on the laws (penal codes and local ords)

good luck.


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Most Security companies requires that their guards/ Officers start out unarmed and recieve the appropriate training that is required. Most states require armed Security staff to be bonded and insured. That usually costs a lot.

I would suggest that you try unarmed work and gradually go armed.

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   Try AmeriGuard. They have units all over the states. I train thier officers in Ga., and they provide the weapons here( it is for a Federal unit).

  You can tell them that I sent you.

  Good Luck

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