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What is the right conceal carry holster

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Posted over 7 years ago


I have a conceal carry holster, that fits down the front inside of your jeans.  Just was wondering what and where everyone else carries, and that are conformable on the carrier.  All opinions are well come.


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Doesn't front of jeans dig in at all especially when seated? 

I prefer an IWB for shorter or light weight concealment garments or some sort of belt slide/pancake type for heavier and longer clothing such as coats. 

Not a big fan of paddle holsters for retention or concealment, although retention (the holster's ability to stay attached to you) has dramatically improved.  I do like my Blackhawk Serpa holsters but they don't hide my handguns very well. 

Small Of Back invites injury. 

Ankle holsters might be ok for a back up or back up to a back up, but not a primary carry.

Fanny packs, nothing screams I got a gun more so than a fanny pack.  Then there's the retention issue since every nancypack I have seen uses a quick release buckle.  

Shoulder holsters lack of fluid draw, very poor retention since it allows easy access to those that may attempt to snatch it away.  Muzzle control since most will have a tendancy to swing the muzzle out during the presentation.

Cross draw same cons as shoulder holsters. 

For the ladies and I suppose some men, Purses, in a word retention.  Get your purse taken/snatched and lose your gun.

Pocket holsters, I'm too redneck to carry a gun small enough fit in my pocket unless it was a back up but I do like the idea just haven't personally tried it yet.

Then pretty much anything in nylon.  If it is not kydex or leather (leatherish) it ain't worth poopy. 

So there, you have my opinion.  I could have elaborated more but I feel winded as is for what I have put into this.

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