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Poll: More on "RACISM"

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Poll: Did the officer act correctly?


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Conduct unbecoming

What she sees are a couple of guys trying to break into a house. She calls the police.

By this time, you are on the phone in your own entry hall, asking Harvard’s property managers to come and fix your front door. When you see the police officer on your porch, you assume it’s someone arriving to help you. When he sees you at ease, chatting on a cordless phone, does the Cambridge police officer conclude things look OK? Does he take note of the fact that you make no attempt to run, as a robber might? Does he say anything like this? “We got a call, sir. We’re just making sure everything’s OK. Have a lovely day, sir.’’

Most certainly not. Instead, he goes into your home with his radio and his gun in the middle of the day and acts as if he’s dealing with some perp in a back alley at 3 a.m. He wants your identification. The police officer says you get upset right away, yelling, “Is this because I am a black man in America?’’

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couldnt vote, cause by the reports i have read, except for this one all says that Gates was an ass from the start.

how did the officer know Gates was the legal resident there?  (thats why he asked for ID, to verify)  bet if Gates wasent an ass and handed over the ID and did what the Officer had asked to do from the start, uhhhhh he would have been able to have his Kobe Beef Sammie, instead of a green balonga sammie.


just because you do what you do, gives you no right to pop off at the mouth and disobey orders given by the officer.

so i dont know what to think.  


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I'm willing to bet a paycheck that this Columnist is a Black woman, and also has written many inflammatory columns against Police, and probably touts that everything that happens to a black person is because they are black. It's a load of Crap. Mr Gates got Mouthy with the Cops and was arrested for disorderly conduct, why? Because he was being disorderly. None of us were there, so we don't know what was said or how he acted, but maybe I'm biased. I beleive the police.

And a second thing kinda on the same lines, Unless he was born IN Africa, he's NOT African American. Deal with it.

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Funny how it's all about the poor professor this and that he was just home as if everyone is supposed to some how know this. What about what was going thru the officers minds based on the limited info at the time?  Of course that don't matter they just should have known.  They should have known because he was on the phone and did not run.  REALLY?  People are that stupid?  Why am I not shocked.  Get a clue not everyone runs because they know it increases suspicision and nearly everyone lies to the police.  

The professor likely was being an arrogant jerk during the entire contact.  Then when it was over he couldn't just let it go long enough to file a complaint against the officer like anyone else would have because it would be beneath his prof status.  His own stupidity got him arrested race was not a factor until he starting crying racisim.

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