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Harrassed an Abandoned

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Posted over 7 years ago


Its funny. Not humurous funny, but ironically funny. How amazed I have been this week at the lack of cooperation from Law Enforcement.

I am renting from a minister. I called on the same law enforcement I work with day in and day out. For the first time in all these years, I need their help an protection. Do you know they turned their back? Our local law enforcement!  I am absolutely beside myself. I stand beside these guys, battling gangs, drug dealers, pedophiles, yet, when my roommate turns drug dealer, threatened my life an moved some convicts in who are using an dealing out of my home I stay in, do you know not only did they do nothing to help protect me, but told my roommate/landlord I was giving them the information! Placing me in more danger. Pasco County Sheriffs dept- Thats the LE office. I am sitting here at work, unsure now to whom I should even turn. I am moving, yes, thats obvious, but until my new home is ready on July 3rd, they are not even helping to keep me safe. I have been betrayed by the same LE's I have helped protect on calls where I was present, even though yes, I am NOT sworn LE. I am simply a Class D USO Security Officer. But I can remember them fighting with one gal, who was kicking them an myself, and one had me assist in the whole incident until his back up arrived, just last november. Due to my testimony, she was convicted. Now, I am left to my own to deal with this, no LE backup. Scary thought!  I am angry....