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Hello...On your side this time.

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Posted almost 8 years ago


Hello, just joined 2day.  As you can see, my avitar is who I am.  I am looking to be a undercover street officer / narcotics officer and was wanting to know how to go about this.  I have faught the system my whole live to realise it is not worth it.  I live in KY and I volenter around to help local kids get off drugs.  The drug problem in KY is something that needs help from the "used to be dark side" if it is to be put under controll.  The kids I help are off the "grid" you could say.  I have 4 kids myself and take them and as many friends from there school I can and do activities around Lex.  I am 40 yrs old now and from my previous life I am the only one that knows how to help them in the way the need.  It is not about "drug counseling" for the kids.  It is about nothing about drugs, we go and do things just to get them away from the troubled parents they have.  The need is desperate (sorry about the spelling guys) here in Lex. KY and that is why I feel the need to take this journey one step farther and help the law in the way I know how.  I WAS the one that kept jail houses in buisness and can help Lex. in ways that the cops can not......I know the bad guys........and they trust me.  How do I go about doing my part to take a bite out.  If there is any local cops that read this please feel free to contact me and we can look at any way I can help.  Thank you all for your time.


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Hello and welcome to PL.......


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Hello and welcome


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Hi Leroy and welcome.  Glad to hear you left the dark side.  I also appreciate your intent.  However depending how fought the system in the past meaning if you have a criminal history becoming an officer won't be likely some misd. crimes may not immediately disqualify you yet some will.  If you are still elgible for the job then an academy is required most require a 2 year degree military experience or being hired by an agency thus being sponsored by them.  

If this is a problem don't get discouraged.  Just like you expreiencing things officers don't experience and being able to do things most officers couldn't you also can connect with those kids, as you do now, in a way officers couldn't.  In short regardless your help is needed and you are an asset to society for this I thank you!

Good Luck and again welcome to the link!