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over loaded end dumps

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Posted almost 8 years ago


 I am an Officer for a small tribal department, about a week ago I was following in my patrol car, a semi that was hauling COW manure.  While following I noticed the load was piled so high that the product was just falling over the sides and over the back gate, causing the two vehicles behind him to swerve, I was the third vehicle. I called county dispatch to inform them of what was happening, they attempted to radio the on duty deputy, he did not answer his radio, dispatch then asked me if I wanted to be patched through to his phone, I said yes, the deputy did not answer his phone, I left a message, the deputy didn't call back.  I followed the truck  to where it was going to dump and spoke with the driver, he said that he never saw anything come.

  Before I became an officer I was a truck driver, Owner operator of up to three trucks at a time.  I do have an understanding of commercial vehicles, and the liabilty of your load not staying in the bed. I finished my shift, then went home on days off.  when I returned three days later, my chief told me that the Sheriffs office was pressing charges against me for Impersonating an officer, then we looked into the Nevada Revised statutes, in regards to what can and cant fall out of the bed of a commercial vehicle, my chief apparently was not willing to listen to me when I said, your load must stay in the bed.  He also tried to tell me that biodegradable materials are exempt from the rule, and that the material must be able to cause injury if it were to fall out of the bed and strike a pedestrian.  I said that a one pound chunk of cowshit will definetly cause damage.

  I am Nv POST certified and actually went to the same academy as many of the county Deputies.  Please help I dont want to be charged with a class C felony