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Police Exam Questions

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Posted over 7 years ago


I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on different types of Police Exam Questions. I was wondering if anyone could give me some examples of


Cognitive Ability Questions


Personality Questions


On a recent exam I took, half of the exam was general knowledge questions and the other half was of the exam were questions that had 3 Answer Choices. An example of these type of question are


Do you prefer to work by yourself or with a group?


(A) Work By Yourself


(B) Work with a group


(C) Not Sure




On a nice day would you rather be doing paper work or be outside?


(A) Do Pape Work


(B) Be Outside


(C) Not Sure




On the directions for the exam it stated try not to use Answer "C" if at all possible. I noticed about 5-10 questions from the begining of this part of the exam that some of the same questions would be re-worded. On  the questions that were re-worded I noticed that answers "A&B" were previous answers I chose. I felt if I had 2 answers I chose that were for the next question then that answer would be "C Not Sure" due to choosing 2 right answers.


I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this inquirey and give me some feedback and advice? I hope I didn't make this too confusing. I kinda feel like i've hit a road block with these types of questions.


                                                                                                                                                   Thanks, Zach



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With questions like the examples given, your best bet is to answer them honestly. Dont answer them with the answer you think someone would like to hear. When i took the exam for Clarksville PD it was general, but further on in the exam i got hit with alot of math and since math is my down fall in life, i was worried it was going to fail me. I passed the exam and went on to my interview thank god! So as long as you have a good education, I believe you will do ok.


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There's a lot of good info/advice to be found in the 'Become a Cop' section of this site. 

But as DBowles said, answer them HONESTLY.  Many a-candidate have screwed up their chances by trying to give answers they THOUGHT the agency wanted to hear. 

The best thing you can do is go to the 'Become A Cop' section, along with doing searches on the internet for 'Police Interview Questions'.  Collect them all, write them down, and then give some honest thought to what your answers would be if asked.  Oh, and be able to explain/justify your answers! Not all questions have a right/wrong answer - sometimes it's more important to explain your answer than the answer itself.

Good luck.