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Signs going up at my job!

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Posted almost 8 years ago


I noticed today that my place of employment is putting these signs up on all of it's properties. I respect the rights of private corporations to make their own policies regarding "Weapons" in the work place, providing that they are willing to take on full responsibility regarding employee safety. I mean if your right to defend yourself with a firearm ends at the property lines of certain businesses then it is the responsibility of that business to provide protections to its visitors, and staff. The powers that be in all their wisdom though it would be safer to place gun free zone signs up on it's properties. I am one of the security personnel that is armed when on duty. I fear they just may have placed the patients, staff and visitors in more jeopardy then their prior non-advertised gun free zone.

Any suggestions on how to bring my concerns to the executives regarding this policy would be appreciated?



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Jason, you may as well save your breath & energies.

As someone who has worked both armed & unarmed as both a police officer & security in the healthcare industry. Traditionally speaking you will probably not be able to find another category of facilities except maybe schools that from an "industry" standpoint that are more opposed to firearms than healthcare  (we're in the business of saving lives not taking them" is what 1 doctor told me).

Yes, I think it is a bad idea to post signage like that, and quite frankly not being up to speed on Indiana's concealed weapons laws, I can't comment on the legalities of it.

For example, does the Hospital provide some sort of safe storage for a law abiding citizen CCW Permit holder to leave his/her weapon with Security?  Is the Hospital liable if some badguy spots a permitee leaving their weapon in their car in the parking lot because they're complying with the signage?  What are the legal ramifications for someone that violates the signage?  What if they didn't see the sign?

Your best bet is to do your job to the best of your ability and count on badguys NOT complying with the signage and conduct yourself accordingly.


You might also want to post an INTRO post so folks know who you's not mandatory, but it is a REALLY good idead.

Mikey "the PICKLE"

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