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Answering to a Higher Power!

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Posted almost 8 years ago


I'm not to sure if this post belongs in this group, because it is not about a piece of scripture. It's just about a thought that goes through my head whenever I read many of the post threads throughout this site. All to often I am reading about some of the horrible things that happen to our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement and I always send my prayers to the families of the victims regardless of whether or not they are in Law Enforcement! However, many threads read something like this:

"I hope this POS gets this" or " I hope that this POS gets that."

Although I completely understand that we are all only human and that is is sometimes natural to wish and pray for swift and often times extreme justice to be bestowed upon those that have committed acts that do or have done ill will towards others, I can't help but think back to what I was taught when I was a kid...Pray for our friends and loved ones, but also pray for our enemies because they too need our prayers!

Some people I believe are just evil and that prayer won't work for them, but many people I think have just strayed down the wrong path and that may have caused something bad to happen! (Everything that happens, happens for a reason) Those are the ones that need our prayers.

Thanbk you for your time...please comment on your thoughts!

Go in peace...serve the Lord!



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I really love what the scripture says in Romans 8:28.  It says all things work together for good for them that love the Lord...that means all who are born again.  People who are truly evil and reject the Lord Jesus Christ do not apply to this verse.  They are bound for hell unless they accept Jesus Christ.  I personally am going thru a trial yet this verse assures me that even this bad event that is occuring in my life will work for my ultimate good and I should keep standing and believing and obeying the Lord.    In His LOve   Diana


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The Devil is a person. Hell is a place. Many people spend their live on earth practicing for where they spend eternity. The trial does not make the person. The person makes the trial. I perfer the non-smoking section over the smoking section. Jesus tells us how to get to either place.