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6 lies that are bankrupting America‏

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Posted almost 8 years ago


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From the Desk of:
Martin D. Weiss

I'm delivering petitions to Capitol Hill next week
demanding that Congress stop the Bailout Madness!
See below and go here to sign:


Right now, leaders in Washington, D.C., are promoting six lies
that are pushing our nation further and further to the brink
of bankruptcy.

They are lying about the health of the banks. They are lying
about the solvency of the insurance industry. They are lying
about the supposed economic "recovery."

I've outlined six of the most egregious lies on my special
report that I've prepared for you here:

+ + Washington does NOT want you to know the truth

A disturbing pattern is taking shape here - a pattern of
obfuscation and outright deceit that illustrates just how
panicked Washington regulators truly are when they discuss
this crisis behind closed doors.

To make matters worse, regulators have authorized accounting
rules that allow banks to...

* Inflate the book value of toxic assets they own...

* Miraculously vaporize liabilities they are responsible for, and

* Magically erase billions of losses in their quarterly
reports and treat them like they never even happened.

+ + Washington Caused This Crisis! We must Stop It!

Let's be clear here: Washington caused this crisis by blessing
go-for-broke speculation by our largest financial institutions.

Now, Washington is making matters worse by playing it fast and loose
with the truth - even cajoling companies like Bank of America to
violate their disclosure obligation to shareholders - and as a
result, our leaders are slamming investors for billions of
dollars in stock market losses.

Unless we stop them now, Washington will bankrupt us all with
massive bailouts of companies like Chrysler, GM, Citigroup and
Bank of America that take tens of billions more of our dollars
for companies that, in the end, go belly-up anyway.

+ + I'm delivering petitions next week!

This is precisely why I've spent the past few weeks urging
citizens to join me in a national grass-roots campaign to
make our voices heard in Washington - to sign our petition
demanding that our leaders STOP these worthless, useless,
pointless bail-outs before they bankrupt our entire nation.

So far, nearly 30,000 taxpayers and investors have signed
our petition. Next week, I will personally deliver these
petitions to our nation's leaders in Washington D.C.

But I want to bring with me at least 50,000 petitions to make
the strongest statement possible -- and I want to represent
you as well.

Please go here to sign and be included in my petition
delivery next week:

Again, I want to personally register your outrage along with mine
and tens of thousands of other taxpayers and investors. The
bailout madness must end!

Good luck and God bless!


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