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Private PSD Contract for Tactical LEOs in Iraq

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Posted almost 6 years ago


Personal Security Detail (PSD) Team Member

Job ID: BLU2865
Location: Various, Iraq

Category: Physical Security
Position Type: Contract

Contract Name: CIVPOL
Contract Length: 1 year (w/option to renew)

Salary: Open
Security Clearance:

Status (definition): Blue Sky


* Vacant - Current vacancies within contracts previously awarded to DynCorp International

* Proposal - Position will be available upon contract award (pending)


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Company Description


Position Description

Primary Title: PSD TEAM MEMBER

Business Title: PSD TEAM MEMBER

Reports To: PSD Team Leader

Summary of the Classification: Responsible for OCONUS-based mobile PSD security operations of assigned DynCorp International (DI) program(s) under the direction of the PSD Team Leader. Develops and implements PSD security plans to affectively ensure mission compliance. The PSD Team members will assist in the review and development of PSD policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure mission required performance.

Principal Responsibilities of the Classification:

Performs personnel protective service detail assignments as they pertain to assigned programs:

A. Responsible for assisting in the planning, scheduling, and organizing of daily PSD team activities on designated contract

B. Perform day to day protective security functions as specified in daily post and detail orders

C. Ensure that all PSD personnel selected for program contract are executing their responsibilities efficiently and effectively

D. Responsible for safe operations of assigned PSD transportation to ensure for principals safety to include (water, air, and ground) operations

E. Utilize special weapons and tactics to ensure mission success

F. Maintain protective formation positions daily

G. Conduct advanced security reconnaissance of projected routes

H. Provide static security details when directed by management

I. Ensure proper behavior both on and off duty

J. Preclude behavior that would reflect poorly on the DI, USG, the Department of State, or the local Government requesting the additional security support

Additional Requirements:

PSD Personnel are required to successfully pass a Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB) prior to start of any training. Failure to successful pass the PEB testing will prevent the candidate from entering into the training phase.

PSD Personnel are required to attend and successfully complete and pass a Department of State approved training course, to include the following:

„« Vehicle Dynamics

„« Defensive Tactics

„« Basic PSS Operations

„« PSS Advanced Operations

„« Weapons training

„« Advanced weapons training

„« Medical Training

In addition the PSD Member will be required to qualify on a Department of State approved qualification course, with the listed weapons systems or additional weapons systems as required:

„« M-240 Bravo

„« M-249

„« M-4

„« M-9

*Failure of any part of the training course will result in dismissal.


Required Skills

Experience Required:

PSD Member shall have a minimum of (3) years sworn law enforcement or military experience and a minimum of (1) year of experience in protective security.

Special Knowledge/Skills Required:

A. In-depth knowledge of industrial security laws and regulations as applied to Government services programs such as the National Industrial Security Operating Manuel (NISPOM)

B. Excellent communications skills with persons at all levels

C. Knowledge of a variety of weapons and vehicle operations

D. In-depth knowledge of company¡¦s PSD security policies and procedures

E. Demonstrate knowledge of Microsoft operating systems or computer skills required for the position

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Rate This | Posted almost 6 years ago


many of the PMCs have lowered standards for private PSD work in Iraq and Afghanistan gents....gone are the days when all the PSD Operators were Rangers, Green Berets, SEALs, Air Commandos, Delta Soldiers, Force Recon Marines and Corpsmen.

Now you see guys who were regular Army/Marine Infantry, Army/Marine Combat Arms and MPs, Civilian Tactical LEOs, etc etc.  Good time to go after high paying contracts