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Basic SWAT

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Posted almost 8 years ago


Basic SWAT


Date: 5/3/2009-5/8/2009

TTPOA Member Tuition: $700.00
Non-TTPOA Member Tuition: $700.00


Location: NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, Region 8


Contact Info: David Hall, 903-526-7725


Course Details:

The TTPOA in conjunction with Nacogdoches Police Department and CSAT is proud to announce that we will sponsor a 50 hour Basic SWAT Course in NACOGDOCHES, TX. This class will prepare the new SWAT officer to seamlessly integrate into their tactical unit.   

The intent of this class is to provide a tough and comprehensive tactical training week with no harassment.  Teams will eat, live and train with their team for the duration of the class.  Students will be treated like professionals and will be required to act accordingly.  Students will be counseled in writing on negative behavior and the staff reserves the right to release a student from the course for Major Safety Violations or a Disruptive or Unprofessional attitude.

The instructor for this class is Paul Howe.

Paul has over 20 years in the U. S. Military, over 10 years in the Army's elite Special Operations Forces and seven years as a law enforcement trainer.  During his tour in Special Operations, Paul spent two years assigned to a sniper team.  A comprehensive list of units/departments Paul has trained can be found at .


Course Topics:

Major topics to be covered:

  • Safety

  • A stair-stepped shooting program that covers all the basic skills needed for surgical shooting, both rifle and pistol.

  • Team Organization

  • Breaching

  • High Risk Warrants

  • Covert Clearing

  • Vehicle Assaults

  • React Team Procedures

  • Hand Combat/Arrest procedures

  • Assault Planning

  • Medical

  • Scenarios



Due to the sensitive nature of this course, only full time law enforcement or military personel are allowed to attend.  All students will be required to provied an agency ID on the first day of class. 

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Students should set their personal training goals to exceed:

1.5 Mile Run:                      13:35

Push ups One Minute:           26

Sit ups One Minute:              34

An extended physical training and shooting diagnostic event will be executed on day one.  Further physical training during the week will target those individuals who perform poorly on this event in an effort to educate them on how to physically train themselves to better support their team and mission.



Required Equipment



All Tactical gear, to include helmet, vest, gas mask, flash light, eyes, ears.  Rifle and Pistol, pistol belt.  Rifle should have sling.  Simunition rifle and pistol and sims protective gear to include mask/helmet. Bring water and inclement weather gear.  Manuals will be provided. 

If possible, have weapons (rifles) zeroed to 100 yards.   IRON SIGHTS ONLY. No electronic or scoped sighting systems.


600 Ball Pistol

600 Ball Rifle

300 sims


Payment Instructions/Host Hotel Information:

Payment Instructions/Host Hotel Information:

  ONLINE REGISTRATION ONLY!!  Contact the CSAT training cadre at with course speciffic questions. 

MEALS:Students will eat locally or they can purchase food and eat in the barracks. Two refrigerators and microwaves are available.

LODGING: Students will be required to stay in the barracks style lodging for Team Leader control and team cohesion. (See Map There)

REPORTING: Students will report on Sunday, May 3, 2009 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Class starts at 1:00 pm on Sunday.  Show up in Tac Uniform and leave equipment in the car.  Have tennis shoes standing by.


Tuition for this course is $700 with lodging

Register via e-mail to:

No refunds after:  April 27, 2009