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War stories

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Posted almost 8 years ago


I am in the process of writing a new curriculum for Fraud Investigation for law enforcement officers and I'm always looking for good real-life examples "war stories" to illustrate topics.

So this post is directed specifically toward LEO's and loss prevention professionals:

I would like to hear your personal experiences involving "self-initiated" investigations where you observed clues or suspicious activity that resulted in an apprehension of a person or persons commiting fraud: ie. fraud credit applications, counterfeit credit cards, skimmers, forged checks, mail theft, etc. Describe what tipped you off, what you discovered, and what was the outcome.

Come on... I know you've got some good stories to tell! I can't afford to pay you for them, but if they are published I will gladly give full credit to you. Just be sure to tell me how you want your name listed!

You can post your stories here for all to read and enjoy or send them directly to me.



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That would be a violation of department policy.


Don't think you'll get many replies.

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Seems to have run its course.

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