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Illegal Street Racing

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Posted almost 8 years ago


Hello Everyone, and welcome. I have recently joined this group. I am a serving member in the New Zealand Police, check us out at In order to register I had to choose a state. Needless to say I am not actually in California!

New Zealand is a country of around 4 million people. We have one police organisation, and one national inteligence application (NIA) in which everyone's driver's licence numbers, firearms licence numbers, photos, fingerprints and DNA details are loaded. We are fairly fortunate in that respect.

I currently run a tactical unit targeting illegal street racers in a city of around 350,000.

I would like to know what your local areas call the units that target this group, if you do have designated teams.

Kiaora. (Thanks)



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A program started some years ago in San Diego and has spread throughout southern California through grant money for training.  It was called Legal Alternatives to Street Racing or LASR.  The program offers ways to promote legal racing at local venues and targets enforcement methods not only at the scene of drags, drivers, spectators and other participants, but it goes after the vehicles as well.  In CA we have strict emissions standards and when you inspect these vehicles and find certain modifications, stolen engines, unlawfully imported engines etc, the fines and arrests go up...the racing goes down...  Ontario and Irwindale PD's have been the primary trainers in our area.  Give them a call and pick their collective brains for info.

Think smart, plan ahead, work together...we're going home tonight!


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Accident Reconstructionist! Because that's what is needed when one of these nuts wrecks out.