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I need some advice

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Posted almost 8 years ago



           I have recently started talking to the appropriate people to do a flight packet and go to flight school.  My only problem is I have to retake the ASVAB.  You need a 110 on the GT portion and I have a 102.  I have a problem with Arithmatic Reasoning.  Lol Who doesn't?   Any advice on retaking the ASVAB or how to improve your GT score would greatly help.  Or any advice at all about going to Ft. Rucker, going to flight school, moving to Alabama, or anything to do with The Army Flight School.  This is my dream and I am having to do everything on my own.  I don't have any help, so no matter what anyone says I'm going to flight school.  If it takes me years to go, I'm going.

Thanks,   jb_smooth


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I sent you a message. Call me and I'll help you out.