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questions for K-9 officers

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Posted about 5 years ago


I have been offered a champion blloodline German Shepherd Dog. She is in excelent health and has a family history of K-9 officers. I am currently in L.E. Academy and don't graduate until Aug. I want to become a K-9 handler in the future but I'm wondering about the time period and if it would be fair to the dog to take her on and attempt to get her trained and ready while I am unattached to an agency.

Any comment will be greatly appreciated.



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Bloodline doesn't guarentee anything. have the dog evaluated by a qualified police trainer, only then will you know for sure whether or not the dog has what it takes. It's also my experiance, most departments require you to complete training and spend 3 to 5 years as an officer, learning the job, before applying to any specialized unit.


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Free advice is worth just about what you pay for it, but I'd suggest that your concentration needs to be on your academy efforts, and not on acclimating a new dog. DFrost is correct ... almost all agencies require a minimum amount of time "in the trenches" before selection to any specialized assignments such as K9. Good opportunity, but probably something you should pass up for now.

Hey ... you asked. Good luck whatever you decide.


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Good answers from knowledable sources. 

There is a LOT of other work needed for regular Patrol K9 work.  On going training, documenting, health issues, and costs.  All this has to be intergated into your work as a Patrol Officer.  Worry about learning the job first before starting to work your way into any specialty work.  You will have your hands full just learning the job.  Don't let the K9 thing interupt your training.  Trust the previous posts, they are true. 

Good luck. 

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I'm very new to K9, but I can tell you this. You need to establish yourself as a patrol officer first.  The K9 handlers & trainers on this site are full of experience and knowledge. To echo Pete, you can trust the advice they give.  Good Luck.