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The other night I was in church and a gentleman who is the father in-law of a friend of mine was seated behind me. He knows I am a Police Officer and always tries to talk shop with me. We he looks at me and asks me if I heard about the Cop in Texas. I reply no what are you talking about? H e starts talking about an Officer who stops a guy a football player who is on his way to the hospital to see his mother who is dying of cancer, well she passes away before he can get there. He asks me what I think about that. I basically tell him I really don’t think about it I was not there and do not know the situation but I had heard about it.   Well service begins but his is really eating at me all through service. At the end of service I stand up turn to him and say” hey did you hear about the 4 Officer in Oakland Calf. and the 3 Officer in Pittsburg Pa., who were killed in the last 3 weeks”?   He replies yes I believe I heard something about it. My commit is “yes but probably not as much as you heard about the football player and his mom”.   He commit “yes but you know they love the bad press”.   
I have been doing this longer than some on this link 13 years but not as long as others, but it still amazes me that we come to work everyday, with people making commits like that. As for me I love my job but have to wonder why I do it. All I know is someone has to stand in that breach and be the dogs keeping the wolves at bay. To all of you who stand in the breach everyday if no one else tells you THANKS.