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funny if it wasn't you

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Okay, so this isn't even close to my first arrest, but in retrospect it was pretty funny. Several months ago my partner and I were sitting on a drug house, watching a guy sell to people from the sidewalk. Long story a little bit shorter, my partner goes after a vehicle that just bought and I (attempted) to detain the seller. The suspect wanted nothing to do with me and ignored my requests to stop. He went inside the residence, which was a large "halfway house" type of thing, ironically for drug users. Anyway, I followed him inside and, not surprisingly, we get into a fight. Well, after it was almost all said and done, the suspect was pepper sprayed and we were still fighting on the floor. Okay, so the cavalry gets there, peels him off me and he gets handcuffed. We take him outside to search him and wash out his eyes. I was catching my breath when my partner comes over and says, "Man, he's over there sh*#ing on himself!" I think oh boy! How much dope does he have?? So I ask him if we got the goods. He says "No. He's literally sh*@ing on himself. It's running down his leg!" I scrubbed myself raw in the shower that night. ( However, he did have some cocaine.)


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I hated it when a perp sh?t him/ know your having a bad day when that happens....I am sorry though cause I did laugh....sympathetically of course...

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