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Lower than a Snake's Belly

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Posted almost 8 years ago


Through my 25+ year LEO  journey I have had some "interesting" calls/encounters involving various types of "low life".  One of my most recent happened several years ago.  I and another sergeant responded to a call of a lady complaining of a snake in her car.  When we arrived I spoke with the complainant and she was obviously upset and reporting that she was driving to work (about a 30 mile drive) and saw in her rearview mirror what looked like a snake poking it's head out at the rear of her Ford SUV.  You can imagine what we thought (yea, right lady), but I humored her and all of her onlooking co-workers and took off my duty belt and slid under the back of her Explorer.  Long story short, what I found was a 41/2 foot Ball Python lodged in and around the spare tire.  After I began unwrapping the snake from the vehicle the crowd gave me PLENTY of working room (including my fellow sergeant).  The story ends with me being able to safely remove the reptile (that was more frightened than the spectators) and turn it over to Animal Control.  The lady had no idea where the snake came from or how it got in her vehicle.  I suspect the poor snake was attracted to the heat from the vehicle, only to be scared half to death by the ride.  Having grown up around many types of creatures, the ONLY "snakes" that really concern me are the ones that WALK and TALK!