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Posted almost 8 years ago


 In view of the recent and tragic deaths of our LEO brethren, would you join me in this one....? We rarely show a unified front on PL due to distance, time on the site and different job descriptions. We all will not be able to attend and show respect when Oakland has their memorial services. This is what we can do as a respected LEO site. Something we can take pride in and something the whole world can see. Change your avatar to my avatar. My new avatar profile photo shows a shield with a mourning band on it with the words .. 'Killed in the Line of Duty" (If you rest your cursor over my avatar, you will see the words "In Remembrance ....") We will do this until the services are over and the officer's bodies are laid to rest in their respective final homes. I will remove my 'In Remembrance' avatar at sunset on the day of the graveside services. You then can return to your personal avatar. Please join me. Let anyone who sees this site and go up and down the member list and see us standing tall, head bowed, row by row in respectful attention by all having the same avatar that speaks volumes to our comaradarie. Brothers and sisters ...... let us all show our collective condolences..... I will also open this up to our supporters as well. They ought to come 1/2 step closer to sensing the ties that bind the "Brotherhood". Thank you.