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OPD 4th Officers (Updated)

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Posted almost 9 years ago


 Police initially issued a statement Sunday saying Hege had died but later backtracked, saying the officer had been declared brain dead but remained on life support while a decision was made about donating his organs. 

Reached by telephone, Dr. John S. Hege said his son was attached to a ventilator and “looks fine” except for a black eye behind which the bullet was lodged.

“He does not have vital brain function to sustain life and will not regain that,” Hege said, adding that the family would soon make a decision about continuing life support.

Note:  Oakland Police Shooting  - There will be an Vigil for Officers killed :  Location: City of  Oakland, California on 74th Ave & MacArther Blvd.  tomorrow (March 24, 2009) Tuesday evening at (6:00 p.m.).

Glenn Mariano  Special Agent  (GS-1811-12) - DHS - San Francisco-Oakland Field Offices