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Military discharge questions...ELS...

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Posted about 8 years ago


My husband has been applying to tons of places since he got certified in August but has not had any results.He has not even had a call back to do any other testing.All he has got to do so far was turn in applications.I am getting very worried because of the lack of response to his applications.He/we need him to get a good job,we have so much counting on it.I'm very sick so I can not work but I do not get disability pay.Our family and everything in our life count souly on his income.This is why we worked so hard to get him through the academy to become a police officer.He has no preference on where he works right now,he just wants to get into the field for experience and so he can have a good job for us.I just don't know what's keeping him from getting responses.The only thing I can think of is that maybe it is something to do with his military discharge or something else on his application.First I guess I should describe his discharge and then the other things on his application.

Military discharge was from September 1997...

He was only in the military from August 13th 1997 till September 17th 1997

Before you ask why he was only there for a month...The reason he was there was that his "very military" family pressured him into going and he didn't want to be there...He was very young (just old enough to be in the military) and wanted to go into a different career besides military. 

This is exactly what his DD 214 paper says:


term of current enlistment: 6 years. member has not completed first full term of service.    -nothing follows-

Signed by:

supervisor of trainee seperations

Type of seperation:

entry level seperation

Character of service:


Seperation authority:

AFI 36-3208

Seperation code:


Reentry code:


Narrative reason for seperation:

Personality disoder


I don't know anything about military papers or about DD 214's.I don't really know what this means or if a police department would look at this as a bad thing or not.

He was told by different departments differnt things about this...can anyone clarify it for me?

1.) Some places told him to put down "no military service" since he wasn't in there very long and didn't finish basic.

2.) Some places told him to put down as he was in the military.

3.) No place could give him an answer on what this would be classiied as-dishonorable-honorable-what?

Really need to know because alot of places say that you have to have a honorable/good discharge from the military.

4.) Is this what is keeping him from getting a job?

Other than the military discharge this is the only other stuff:

1-Never been arrested or anything what so ever like that

2-Has some unpaid debt around $2,500...for things like cell phones...nothing like unpaid loans or cars...(only has debt because does not make enough money to pay it up yet)

3-Has 3 traffic tickets:failure to completely stop at a stop sign--not wearing his glasses--careless driving

4-Has never done hard drugs.

5-Has tried pot a few times...that was years ago

6-Has moved around alot up until about 4 years ago

7-Because of moving around and needing a better paying job has also had a lot of different jobs over the years

8-Does not have any references to put on an application-the only people he knows are the people who the applicaton says you can not write down as references (ex:wife,family,co wokers,etc...) all the people he knows are excluded on the applications list.

9-He has good health-just is a big guy/overweight but able to do and pass any physical test,he just doesn't really look like it.


Could any of the above be effecting him getting call backs from departments?


I'm just trying to help him in anyway I can get a good job in the field.

We are both willing to do whatever we can to make that happen.

If somewhere offered him a job right now we'd get up and move there tomorrow if need be.


I just need some help in figuring out what to do about the military discharge and anything else on that list that might be keeping him form getting a good job.

I know this is kinda long but thank you for taking the time to read it. and any help you can offer us.

Thank you.




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"Personality Disorder" could mean a number of things. Without knowing him, I cannot say whether his "Disorder" would hurt his career or if it would go away. An early discharge may not hurt his LE opportunity, but the "Disorder" thing might. Having retired from the Military and having been in Law Enforcement for 16+ years, I can say that this might not look good for your husband. To answer your questions about the DD Form 214 that you have, I would recommend contacting a Recruiter for your husband's branch of service. In the meantime, your husband may want to pursue a different career, or at least good employment while waiting to hear back on his applications.

Best of luck to both of you.

In GOD We Trust (All others get searched, then checked through NCIC)





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My honest opinion is that it is a combination of everything mentioned; debt (can lead to problems once on the dept) tickets on his record, pot use (yeah a lot of people did but not a good thing when trying to get in LE). It also appears he doesn't have a good work history in regards to staying in anyplace at one time, which is reinforced by not staying in the military. This is something police departments look at closely because they spend a lot of money on a new officer, if they leave within 2-3 years it is a big monetary loss.  If he really wants to get in LE I would recommend finding a job that he will be comfortable with and stay at it for a while and then re-apply at a later date.


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I would agree with everybody so far. The personality disorder looks bad, the discharge looks bad, (a lot of places in my experience only want a honorable discharge, the drug use looks bad, and the reckless driving looks bad. I am not saying that any of these things disqualify him however I dont think that it is helping him any. As competitive as the job market is, if the call back is between him and another applicant and the other guy has a honorable discharge, no drug use, and a clean drving record I think it goes without saying who is going to get the call back. Unfortunately not everyone gets to be in law enforcement. Maybe he can start out in a dispatch center with a department and once he gets his foot in the door and maybe move up from there?


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I have the same discharge but  its uncharacterized medical. i was misdiagnosed in training of having sleep apnea. one thing he could do is apply to the guard which is what i'm doing. it will eliminate the previouse discharge. there will be alot of wait time, and waivers that need to be signed.

us capitol police was my first pick , they rejected me directly because of the discharge. they want strictly honorable nothing less.