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Combat Focus Shooting

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Posted about 8 years ago


Since I am a huge proponent of training in our profession, I have found an easily-accessible program concerned with firearms training. 

Rob Pincus is the developer of Combat Focus Shooting, a system that is devoted wholly to maintaining a singular focus while engaged in combat.  While this isn't necessarily a day-to-day concern for security officers, I believe that the system provided a balanced and enhanced training program that those of us who handle firearms need to become familiarized with.

Pincus tries to retrain us to leave the paper target at the range -- forget the concentration on stance, sight focus, yada yada yada.  Pincus advocates the training of gross motor skills needed during combat when your body is under a tremendous amount of stress.  Sear-set drills are not gonna save your life, folks.

Anyway, he offers DVDs and books on all of his materials at  I highly suggest at least the book as building a foundation for your training.  Also, he lists training facilities near you at  Take the time to research his methods.  If anything, it will be fun!