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Michael's Winter Cleaning - Firearms

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Posted over 9 years ago


Ok, it is winter, and it is time to clean out some of my gun safe, so I can fill it up again :-p:

Spingfield XD9 - 4" Barrel - OD Green
About 600 Rounds through it. Has a stainless recoil spring and a slight trigger modification, really snappy response. Comes with the standard XD gear and 2 mags. Asking $350.

Rossi .357 Mag Snub Nosed Revolver, 6 shot. High Polished Stainless. Shiny New, only about 40 rounds. Includes Kydex holster. Asking $300

DPMS Panther Lite A4. Flatop. .223 Remington. About 500 rounds. Includes upgraded grip, front rails (LaRue), Carry Handle / Iron Sites, Streamlight gun light with pressure switch, and an EoTech holo site. - Asking $1500, may trade for a Kimber 1911.

Everything will be sold through my buddies at the local gun shop, so background check and transfer will be done. FFL transfer to out of state buyers is possible, but I would prefer to sell to someone in AZ. Be legit, I can smell a crook a mile away. I don't like crooks or criminals.

PM me if you are interested.