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First Arrest

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Posted about 8 years ago


My first arrest was off of a warrant for an individual in town.  A deputy that was off duty called me on the phone and stated that a warrant came out for this person and he asked me to do it because this individual was a friend of his and he didn't want to hook him up.  I call out the address that I'm at and speak with the individual, verify the status of the warrant and inform the person of his warrant.  my cell phone was ringing constantly from the Major of the Sheriff's Office asking if I was ok, telling me what to do etc.  numerous calls for status checks on the radio.  I didn't think it was a big deal, but everyone else did... :-)  I was the only cop in a one horse town.  After cuffing him up, I transported him to the county line where the warrant was from and handed him off to the deputy of that county. 

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My first arrest was my first night on the job,for drunk and disorderly.At that time I was super skinny,at 6'1: I weighed only 150 lbs.My coach was at the door of the residence of the caller and told me to take him to the cruiser and cuff him .Unfortunately this clown had about eighty pounds on me,decided he didn't want to be cuffed,after I got the first one on andstarted swinging me around in the middle of the street.My partner thought it was pretty humorous.After about a year on the job I weighed 230 lbs.


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Yep it pays to have some meat on your bones to do this job.