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So this may sound stupid but i am going on a ride along monday and i have a couple questions. first of all what should i ask or talk about with the police officer. also ive been on a ride along before with this same police officer and he says that im too shy and i should ask more questions, but i have no idea of what to talk about! i like hearing what he has to say about all his experiences and stuff but i dont know what to ask him. any advice on anything let me know!!! :)


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Why are you going along on a ride along?

Heroes Live Forever!


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you can askanything you want to a cop. they dont mind questions at all. just dont ask dumb ones. they love to answer questions to let you know how smart they are about the police field and during the ride along its kind of a silent time. i have been on a few and its a great way to get a step ahead in the field. why do ride alongs? the better quetsion is..why not?

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A Ride A Long is a PERFECT opportunity to be on one one and really get to know the job. If you don't know what to ask, why are you in this career? You have the chance to ask anything you want! Ask about how he got into the career. Ask what are some things rookies should know.