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ACT-mag 1911 mags: warning

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Posted about 8 years ago


I have seen this issue mentioned before I recall, but to add from personal experience, the base plates on ACT-Mag are crap. As I mentioned in some other posts, during a recent course I took, I had several – three actually - of these mags base plate totally shatter on dropping on hard surface. I was just inspecting my mags, and now see one has cracked, and that one I don’t believe has been dropped on any hard surfaces. The problem is, MANY major manufacturers are using this brand to simply stamp their name too. Novak, Wolff, and many many others. Simply look at the side of the mag in small print for ACT-Mag made in Italy. As mags, they actually run fine in my guns (all 1911s)  generally, but the base plates are crap. Fuzzy pic below shows cracking in mag I just noticed. They sell replacement base plates for these mags, but should you have to spend more $$$ on what is really a defective product? Regardless, change baseplates, replace mags with another brand, or ask for replacements, ‘cause you know these things will shatter on you at the worst possible time….

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