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Ok so I just graduated from 2 schools with an AS in Biotechnology, AA in Biological Science, and AS in Crime Scene Technology... every single crime scene investigator/technician opening wants at least 1 - 3 years of experience plus a degree. To make up for my lack of experience, I interned with Dr. Anthony Falsetti at his human ID lab, I go to forensic seminars, and visit the ME to watch autopsies.. It's hard enough to find an opening, but then even harder to find one that doesn't require previous years of experience. Will anyone hire me with no experience? Help. =(


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I have had the same problem and have came to the conclusion of just become an officer... However what I have learned from the past is the more that you can volunteer the more experience you get. I’m almost sure that you can use your hours as a volunteer to get on. Also the more you know others that are in this line of work the better chances you have. I’ve been told to keep trying… Good Luck... (Go to Vegas, KIDDING! => )

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