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Hard to Sleep?

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Posted about 8 years ago


Hey all,

Just wondering if I am the only person having trouble sleeping lately?  The best thing lately is that there is a new house being built directly next to mine! I have to hand it to those construction guys...They do not stop working until 6 PM! I told one of the guys out in front of my house jokingly that I would be more than happy to come to his house and build something with large equipment around 3am! :)

Just wondering if anyone else is having anything go on to keep them from sleeping


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to much stess at times.  full time student, full time C/O, full time dad, too much time and not enough hrs


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My biggest obstacle about sleep was sunlight. But some kind soul invented black-out curtains,which solved that issue. Now it'sthe landscapers, and lawn guys of my condo association. They seem to wait until I get done washing this hell hole off me,and am about 30 seconds from complete blackout. Then they crank up the weed eaters and lawn mowers right under my bedroom window. I wonder if IA would believe me if I told them that it was and accidental discharge of my weapon that took out the weed eater with no injury to the civilian.

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People sleep peaceably i

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Ear plugs and black out shades have been a gift from God!